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We're officially and permanently inactive, sorry!
Gloomy Gloo Scanlations is a BL scanlation group that focuses mainly on doujinshi from various series. It first started out as a one-person group, but has since expanded to include a number of awesome staff, which are listed here. We always welcome more help, so please go to the Recruitment Info page if you are interested in joining us!

Currently, we are working on one BL manga, which is Koori no Mamono no Monogatari by Sugiura Shiho. We might consider scanlating more BL manga in the future if we become more staffed. We also don't usually scan our own projects, so we appreciate any offers of raw scans for scanlation~

If you have any questions regarding this group, please contact me via:
✘ Members MUST be 18+ to join.

✘ Do NOT use our scanlations for other projects (such as re-translations) without permission.

✘ Project entries are locked 3 days after their release. You must join to download.

✘ Do NOT ever share any of our projects without permission.

✘ Do NOT ever take off our credits page or watermarks.

✘ If you have permission to share, please link back to this site and do NOT alter any of our files.

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